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Dr. Sathish Mohan Botsa
Director of R&D

Dr SM Botsa contributes his technical support to BECS and is expertise in analytical techniques, environmental impact assessment (EIA), expeditions, and biological studies. He studies the ambient air quality, water quality, noise level, waste water treatment, Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and organochloro pesticides and handled GC-MS, AAS, IC, CO analyser, colorimetry, Aerosol spectrometer, Aethalometer, Nephelometer and so on.

His masters in science and doctoral degree obtained from School of Chemistry, AU in 2012 and 2018 respectively. His PhD work covers metal oxide composites prepared by sonochemical approach (ultrasonics) and have studied their structural, optoelectric properties using XRD, Fourier FTIR, FESEM-EDX, TEM, XPS, TGA, Raman Spectroscopy, Photoluminescence, UV-Vis DRS and UV-Vis spectrophotometer. The synthesized materials used for the environmental abatement applications such as removal of fluoride and cadmium ions from contaminated water via adsorption, organic pollutants such as Brilliant green, Methylene blue, Nitrobenzene and Pararosaniline under visible light irradiation via AOP, also the inactivation of copious pathogens. Meanwhile, the inhibition of corrosion rate of prepared materials was studied.

Prior to that, his one year services (2013-14) at Association of Hydrologists of India (AHI) under the project which is socio-oriented that studies the water quality and its role in endemic kidney failures at Uddanam region. He collected water and soil samples regularly from the field of 178 villages and conducted water quality studies and soil texture analysis using standard techniques. Hydrological, hydrogeological and water quality studies were conducted using the instruments like Water analyzer kit, UV-Visible spectrometer, Flame photometer, ICP-MS, Nephelometer and Titrimetric methods for measuring physical and chemical parameters.

He is having multidisciplinary knowledge and skilled in interprets the data and scientific models like MATLAB, Surfer, Grapher, Aquachem, Wateq4f, PhreeqC, Origin office, SPSS, Chem Office and Hysplit. His credentials include serving more than 10 years research and academic professionals, throughout his distinguished career, he has held important positions as teacher, researcher and guide for PhD scholars. He has published more than half century research papers and book chapters at reputed international journals.

    • Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Engineering Science & Technology

    • Guest Editor, Hybrid Advances (VSI: NIPEA), Elsevier

    • Lead Topic Editor, Frontiers in Nanotechnology

    • UGC-Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship 2016

    • APTET-2013

    • INSc Young research excellence Award 2020

    • XXXVIII ISEA Expedition Member

    • IBPS-2012, IBPS-2013, SBI (clerical)-2013

    • CPCL JE Asst (chemical)-2015

    • INSc Young research excellence Award 2020

    • Science Father Young Scientist Award 2021

    • CPACE IN Young research excellence Award in Environmental Chemistry 2021

    • Bentham Science Ambassador from India

• Managing Guest Editor, VSI: NIPEA, Hybrid Advances, Elsevier

• Topic Lead Editor, Frontiers in Nanotechnology

• Book Editor, Fluorochemical Industry, Intech open publishers

• Managing Guest Editor, Special issue, Journal of Chemical Research

• Section Editor, Probe-Food Science Research

• Member, Composite Materials

• Member, Science Research Association Journal of Chemistry

• Member, SCIREA Journal of Chemical Engineering

• Member, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology-Asia

• Guest Editor, Journal of Photocatalysis

• Editor, Organic Chemistry Plus, Universal wiser publisher

• Journal of Materials Chemistry B (RSC)

• Chemosphere (Elsevier)

• Emergent Materials (Springer)

• Physica B: Condensed matter (Elsevier)

• Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials (Springer)

• Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry (Springer)

• Chinese Journal of Catalysis (Scopus)

• Environmental Nanotechnoogy, monitoring & Management (Elsevier)

• Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International

• SN Applied Science (Springer)

• 2020 International Conference on Energy Engineering and Environmental Protection

• Journal of Taibah University of Science (Taylor & Francis)

• Journal of Drug delivery system and technology (Elsevier)

• Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (Elsevier)

• Walailak Journal of Science and Technology (Scopus)

• American Journal of Case Reports (Scopus)

• Chemistry Africa (Springer)

• Trends in Science (Scopus)

• Chemical Product and Process Modeling (De Gruyter)

• Chemosphere (Elsevier)

• Chemical Engineering Journal (Elsevier)

• Chemistry Africa (Springer)

• Environmental Processes (Springer)

• Sustainable Environment (Taylor & Francis)

• Arabian Journal of Chemistry (Elsevier)

• Talanta Open (Elsevier)

• Sustainable Chemical Engineering (Wiser Pub)

• Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education Research (Scopus)


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Book Chapters Published

1. Title: Semiconductor photocatalysis for dyes degradation and inactivation of pathogens in the book "Semiconductor Photocatalysis" Intech Publishers, 2019 (accepted).

2. Title: The role of Carbon and Water in Agricultural Science in Book title “Research Trends in Agriculture Sciences” (Volume - 16), Akinik Publications, 2019, ISBN: 978-93-5335-673-6.